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3D Lipo is an innovative and painless form of non-surgical fat reduction. It can complement diet and exercise routines to quickly shape your body down to a slenderer frame. There’s good reason why it’s become so popular amongst celebrities and our Manchester clients alike, and talked about in all the top beauty magazines… it’s highly effective, non-invasive and affordable.

We offer 3D Lipo for both body and face, but this page focuses solely on the body. Below, we provide more detail on this technologically sophisticated form of fat reduction and body shaping. For more information, or to book in an appointment at Victorious Beauty (just a short drive from Manchester or Knutsford), don’t hesitate to call owner and operator Victoria on 07568 569817.

3D Lipo Explained

While traditional techniques involve surgery to physically remove fat, 3D Lipo is a bit different. It involves the use of a medical-grade machine to send ultrasonic waves into the offending tissue, exposing it to high temperatures. This breaks down the fat rapidly, destroying it without causing damage to either the skin or neighbouring cells. As a result, this is a safe and painless form of fat reduction that allows those who feel aversion towards traditional surgery to quickly mould their bodies.

D3 Lipo Body Before and Afar

Just because 3D Lipo is affordable, doesn’t mean it achieves only minor results. Our clients around Manchester, Knutsford and the surrounding areas enjoy inches off their waistline, a reduction in cellulite and skin that’s firmer to the touch. When delivered by a skilled technician like Victoria at Victorious Beauty, the effects are both immediate and long lasting… and these are just the physical effects!

After all, working on how you look can have drastic and positive effects on your entire life. When you’re happy with how you look, you feel confident and motivated and good things tend to follow on. So if you think this innovative fat reduction technique will help you turn your dream physique into a reality, don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s far more affordable than you might think, and involves little to no recovery time! This makes it ideal for Manchester clients who are busy and can’t necessarily spare the time off work that traditional surgery might warrant.

3D Body Radio Frequency


A treatment which tightens skin, it works by raising the temperature of selected fat cells at both deep and superficial levels. This boosts the metabolism and causes the release of liquid fat from fat cells. Following on, fat cells shrink in size.

3D Cavitation


The 3D Cavitation treatment uses ultrasound frequencies to pressurise fat cells and cause them to disintegrate into a liquid state. The body will then naturally process and dispense of said fat. An ideal treatment for large areas of fat, such as the abdomen or thighs.

3D Cryo Freeze


An innovative procedure which is non-invasive and uses both electro and cryro techniques. A hand piece is used to create a vacuum, into which the fat is drawn. By freezing this area, up to 40% of fat cells will then die, before being processed and disposed of naturally.

3D Shockwave


Stubborn pockets of fat and/or cellulite are no match for this procedure, which works by encouraging the creation of collagen, while simultaneously breaking down fat and causing lymphatic drainage. Our technician will use a probe which emits radial waves through the skin into problem areas to accomplish these goals.

HIFU Body-Focused Fat Reduction


By delivering highly focused energy to depths of 1.3cm and 8mm, we can quickly and efficiently destroy fat cells and tighten skin. The best areas for this treatment are the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, flanks and hips.

We also offer the following for clients in Manchester, Knutsford and the surrounding areas:

  • 3D 5 Point Lower Lift Treatment

  • 3D Bum Lift Treatment

  • 3D Thigh Gap Treatment

  • 3D Bingo Wings Treatment

  • 3D Man Boobs Treatment

Prices provided at consultation.

Searching for an easy, non-surgical form of fat reduction and body shaping? You’ve found it. Call Victorious Beauty near Manchester and Knutsford on 07568 569817 and book in a 3D Lipo session.