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In addition to offering 3D Lipo for the body, we can carry out 3D HIFU treatments for the face. This is a technologically advanced form of skin tightening, facial contouring and non-surgical fat reduction, making it a fantastic alternative to traditional facelifts. 3D HIFU is a painless, one-off procedure which has zero recovery time. Victorious Beauty, based in Altrincham, is a leading 3D lipo specialist in Manchester, Knutsford and the surrounding areas.

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HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is designed to lift and tighten loose or sagging skin. It is a safe alternative to going under the knife and works by sending focused acoustic energy below the skin’s surface, creating thermal coagulation areas at three depths. This causes trauma to the treatment zone, triggering the healing process and production of new collagen, tightening the skin. One of the main benefits of 3D HIFU Face is there’s no downtime following the procedure, as it’s non-invasive.

While surgical facelifts are certainly effective, they are often expensive and require a fair bit of recovery time. This makes it unappealing to many clients in Manchester and Knutsford, but 3D HIFU allows them to get the results they want without these drawbacks.

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Chin Freeze/Cryo Freeze

Fat under the chin is submental fat, commonly referred to as a double chin. This is a very common concern and one which we can treat with a non-invasive fat reduction method. Treatment is quick and has minimal downtime, with none of the disadvantages of surgical fat reduction.

Using a controlled cooling system, we freeze the fat cells to a point where they crystallise and die. They are then processed by the body through the lymphatic system. No surrounding skin or tissue is affected.

It takes 12 weeks to see end results.

The fat reduction treatments offered by Victorious Beauty open up a realm of possibility. If you’ve long dreamed of what a partial or full facelift, or double chin reduction, could do for you but have not wanted to go under the knife, we want to hear from you.

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