Dermal Fillers in Manchester, Knutsford and the North West

Victorious Beauty has premises in Altrincham where we offer a warm welcome to customers from the Manchester and Knutsford area and all parts of the North West. Here, we use dermal fillers to help reduce facial lines and restore facial fullness. As we get older, our faces lose subcutaneous fat and, in turn, muscles sit nearer to the skin’s surface. Contractions cause lines in the face which, over time, become more visible.

Because the skin stretches too, we begin to lose our facial volume. Exposure to the sun and our lifestyles only serve to worsen the impact that comes with ageing.

Dermal fillers combat these effects and can also be used in conjunction with rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle treatments.

As well as Victoria, we have doctor-led aesthetics clinic days with Dr Olivia carrying out dermal filler treatments.

Lip Augmentation

The dermal fillers used for this treatment are also hyaluronic acids. The lips are layered, and we inject from the orbicularis muscle to the vermillion border to achieve the best results. Results from a first injection into the lips last for an average of 9 months and, with a second treatment, for as long as 18 months. Keep in mind that everybody has a different metabolism and results will vary based on the individual.

We can inject with a needle or a cannula. Clients often book in for chin filler injections at the same time as they book in for lip augmentation to balance the profile perfectly.

Tear Trough Filler

Practitioners use a soft hyaluronic acid with a low density to improve hollowness underneath the eyes, dark circles, lines and wrinkles. As their name suggests, dermal fillers “fill” the appearance of hollowness and hydrate the skin. Genetics is another factor in the ageing process and many of the clients we meet from the Manchester area are only in their mid-20s.

Injected with a cannula, undereye augmentation is safe and reduces the potential for bruising that is so common with other anti-wrinkle treatments. HA dermal fillers integrate with skin tissue for results which look natural.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

This is an exceptional treatment used to dramatically enhance the look of the nose. Using a high-density hyaluronic acid for results that last, Victorious Beauty injects into the nose to smooth the bumps. We also inject hyaluronic acid into the nasal tip so that it lifts upwards. This reduces the nose’s profile but not the nostril’s position.

Dermal fillers also have an important role to play in the contouring of wider, flatter noses.

Clients from across Manchester and the North West undergo a full consultation where a practitioner diagnoses the condition of the nose and explains the most suitable treatment. We can treat you using dermal fillers on the same day or, if you would prefer to think things over, that’s fine with us too.

Because we only use ultra-fine needles, clients feel little more than a small scratch during treatments although pain is very much subjective. Dermal fillers won’t make your nose look bigger and we never inject more than 1ml to 2ml of hyaluronic acid during a treatment. To the naked eye, the very slight increase in size is undetectable. In fact, from the front, your nose will appear narrower and more contoured.

Lip and chin augmentation are often used in conjunction with non-surgical rhinoplasty to achieve profile balancing.

Jawline and Chin Augmentation

Clients from Manchester, Knutsford, and the surrounding North West area can have dermal fillers injected into the mandible, the mandibular angle and the chin to achieve a sharper, more contoured jawline. This results in a striking appearance that can also improve the way your jowls look. High-density hyaluronic acids last for as long as 18 months.

The cannula technique involves your practitioner making a small pilot hole in the skin then a tiny, blunt plastic tube inserts into it. This reduces the potential for bruising and damage to the skin tissue structure because most of the work takes place under the skin. This also minimises pain. In the past, it would take 5 to 6 injections to perform this treatment but only a pilot hole is required with modern techniques.

We recommend 2ml to 3ml of dermal fillers for a first treatment because the jaw and chin are larger areas. Jawline and chin augmentation sculpt the treatment areas so your face will never look bigger or fatter than it did before.

For dermal fillers in the Manchester and Knutsford areas from Victorious Beauty, call 07568 569817.