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There are many reasons why you might be unhappy with work you have had carried out. Whatever your reason for wanting semi permanent make-up removal, Victorious Beauty will welcome you. Based just a short drive from Knutsford or Manchester in nearby Altrincham, we provide saline removal which is both highly effective and affordable.

To discuss your situation and book an appointment at Victorious Beauty, pick up the phone and call Victoria. As an expert provider of beauty treatments known throughout Manchester and all its surrounding areas, our semi permanent make-up removal service will help you reclaim and clear up your skin.

Saline Removal

Saline removal is a lightening process and a course of treatments is usually required (the number of sessions needed varies).

This method involves the use of a special solution which is implanted into the semi permanent make-up. It then slowly breaks up the pigmentation over time before lifting it out of your skin via osmosis.

Saline removal lightens semi permanent make-up significantly, often to the point where it’s completely invisible to the naked eye. However, results are different with each individual based on factors such as skin type, how deep the pigment has been implanted, what type of ink/pigment was used and how well aftercare instructions are followed.

Saline removal is ideal for people around Manchester, Knutsford and its surrounds with more sensitive skin, and those with darker skin tones. Saline removal can also remove white ink, while laser removal cannot.

A gap of 8 weeks needs to be left in between sessions. We offer emergency appointments for results you’re unhappy with, which need to be carried out within 48 hours of treatment. Most of the pigment can be removed within this timeframe. If left longer, you will need to wait 8 weeks and then a course will be required.

Price List

  • Eyebrows – £120 per session

  • Lips – £90 per session

Trained with Botched Ink

Victoria trained in saline removal with Botched Ink, a worldwide brand of saline removal which is owned and manufactured in the UK. This is industry-leading training which ensures our clients receive the very best semi permanent make-up removal. Victoria’s training covered safe treatment as well as how to get optimal results, enabling her to offer the best advice and treatment plans.

Botched Ink is a recognised removal brand and they offer their own official training course. Only technicians trained by Botched Ink can purchase their renowned saline removal solution.

botched ink

Scalp Micropigmentation

Chelsea at Victorious Beauty offers scalp micropigmentation (SMP). This is a fantastic option for all types of hair loss. It is a cosmetic tattoo giving the illusion of growing hair follicles to restore your confidence. It is ideal for male pattern baldness and for adding density to thinning hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation 1Scalp Micropigmentation 2Scalp Micropigmentation 3Scalp Micropigmentation 4

To learn more about the semi permanent make-up removal services offered at Victorious Beauty near Manchester and Knutsford or to book an appointment, pick up the phone and call 07568 569817!