Get a Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Look With Microblading and Semi Permanent Make-Up in Knutsford and Manchester | Victorious Beauty

As a certified semi permanent make-up artist, Victoria is trained in a variety of micropigmentation techniques and has many years of experience in lip and eyeliner tattooing, as well as eyebrow tattooing. Lip blush and eyeliner tattooing work the same as semi permanent eyebrows, by implanting pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin to enhance certain facial features.

These procedures might cause some tenderness shortly after completion, but are much less intense than traditional tattooing. Based just a short drive from Manchester or Knutsford in Altrincham, we’re proud to be known as the area’s trusted specialist for all the aforementioned forms of semi permanent make-up.

There are a multitude of benefits that semi permanent make-up affords. Firstly, you save a massive amount of time that you’d otherwise spend on applying temporary makeup each and every day. Secondly, there is the money you’ll save on buying products, which as the beauty conscious around Manchester will know can prove expensive. Finally, you can receive a professional and carefully tailored look that’s consistent – you’ll wake up every day knowing that you’re looking your very best.

Semi permanent make-up can also prove a fantastic solution for clients in and around Manchester who have allergies to conventional makeup, poorly defined features they’re unhappy with, physical difficulties which lead to problems with makeup application, and oily skin which causes normal makeup to smear. In short, microblading and semi permanent make-up tattooing have a wealth of uses.

At Victorious Beauty, we provide the following forms of microblading to clients in and around the Knutsford and Manchester area:

  • Eyeliner and eyelash enhancement

  • Lip blush

  • Beauty spot

  • Eyebrows

eye shadowmake up



Eyeliner and eyelash semi permanent make-up is used to define the eyes and create the appearance of fuller, darker lashes. Opt for a subtle line between the eyelash roots or for a more dramatic make-up look with a thicker line above the lash – including Latino and smokey eyeliner.

Top or Bottom - £330

Top and Bottom - £370

Lip Blush


Semi permanent lip blush adds shape and colour to your lips. Clients from Altrincham, Manchester and the surrounding areas can enjoy the appearance of wearing a lip tint, without having to re-apply or worry about smudging.

Lip Blush - £350

All above include top up 6-12 weeks later. If left later than 12 weeks, you will be charged accordingly.

Beauty Spot



Semi Permanent Make-up Correctional Work


Price provided at consultation

Please keep in mind that a deposit is required before any appointment can be confirmed.

To learn more about the benefits of semi permanent make-up and microblading, or book an appointment at our Altrincham location (a short drive from Manchester or Knutsford), call 07568 569817!